Constitution of 1956

Constitution of 1956 Pakistan Knowledge Online MCQs for General Knowledge Test Preparation with answers key, This Online Test will help you to prepare mcqs test for job interviews, recruitment test, Initial Test of Army, Navy, Air Force and All ISSB Test preparation with answers key, this online test will help you to prepare for admission in college/universities, Army, Air Force, and Navy selection centres and Join Defence Forces. Constituent Assembly passed the draft of constitution on 29 February, 1956 Governor-General Iskander Mirza gave his assent to the constitution on 2 March, 1956 The first Constitution of Pakistan was enforced on 23 March, 1956 There were Articles of 1956 Constitution. 234 There were Parts of Constitution. 13 There were Schedules. 6 In the Constitution of 1956 the name of country was adopted as Republic of Pakistan. Islamic Urdu and were declared National Languages. Bengali Form of government was introduced in the Constitution of 1956. Parliamentary Lists of subjects were enumerated (Federal List, Provincial List and Concurrent List).

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