Biotechnology – MDCAT Biology Chapter 23

Biotechnology Chapter 23 Biology 10th MCQs for MDCAT Test Preparation with answers key, This Online Test will help you to prepare for Admission to Medical Universities i.e Jinnah Sindh Medical University, King Edward Medical University, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University, Liaquat University of Medical And Health Sciences. Rules to explain “the phenomenon of inheritance of biological characteristics” was formulated by: Gregor Johann Mendel Genetic research was activated and a revolution in modern biology occurred in the year: 1971 – 73 Genetic engineering usually utilizes cells and plasmids of: Bacteria rDNA is: Recombinant DNA DNA molecule into which a gene is inserted to construct a recombinant DNA molecule is: Vector Concerning “PLASMIDS, which statement is correct: They can replicate independent of the host cell chromosome. Enzymes which are required to cut a source DNA molecule into small pieces and to cut plasmid to make a gap where foreign DNA fits into it are: Restriction Enzyme The enzyme used to seal the DNA is: Ligare The enzymes that act like scissors in recombinant DNA technology are: Restriction Enzymes Restriction Enzymes were discovered in: 1960s

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