Nutrition – MDCAT Biology Chapter 12

Nutrition Chapter 12 Biology 10th MCQs for MDCAT Test Preparation with answers key, This Online Test will help you to prepare for Admission to Medical Universities i.e Jinnah Sindh Medical University, King Edward Medical University, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University, Liaquat University of Medical And Health Sciences. The process by which the organisms obtain energy to maintain the function of life, to build the matter and maintain their structures is: Nutrition The main nutrients for autotrophic organisms are generally: CO2 and H2O Organisms prepare their own food from the new material are called: Autotrophic All the plants and algae are: Phototrophic Phototrophic organisms have the ability to convert: Solar energy into food energy In bacteria, photosynthesis is different from green plants, because bacteria usually grow in spring: Sulphur Purple-Sulphur bacteria contain photosynthetic pigment. Carotenoid Green-sulphur bacteria contain photosynthetic pigment Chlorobium chlorophyll Photosynthesis takes place in “Photosynthetic bacteria”: H2S + CO2 —- (CH2O)n + H2O + S Chemosynthetic organisms are mainly: Bacteria

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