Variety of Life – MDCAT Biology Chapter 5

Variety of Life Chapter 5 Biology 10th MCQs for MDCAT Test Preparation with answers key, This Online Test will help you to prepare for Admission to Medical Universities i.e Jinnah Sindh Medical University, King Edward Medical University, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University, Liaquat University of Medical And Health Sciences. Any attribute or descriptive phrase, referring to form, structure or behavior of a specific organism for a particular purpose is: Character Which one of the following is an example of “Expression of character”? Sepals colour green Living organisms having fundamental similarity in their structure are studied under: Homology From evolutionary point of view, flipper and wing are believed to resemble human: Arm Concerning homology, which one of the following statement is correct? Homology also refers to chromosome numbers and types Concerning classification of living organisms, which statement is correct? The final tool helping in classifying organisms is Genetics. The basic unit of biological classification is: Species A group of organisms which have numerous physical features in common and which are capable of interbreeding to produce fertile offspring is: Species Closely related species are grouped together into: Genus Families are grouped into: Orders

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