Physics Class 9th MCQs Test Preparation

The following figure shows part of a Vernier scale, what is the reading on the Vernier scale? 6.55cm Ten identical steel balls each of mass 27g, are immersed in a measuring cylinder having 20cm3 of water. The reading of water level rises to 50cm3. What is the density of the steel? 9.0gm/cm3 An object of mass 100g is immersed in water as shown in the following figure, what is the density of the material from which object is made? 2.5gm/cm3 What is the reading of this micrometer in the following figure? 6.63mm, A chips wrapper is 4.5 cm long and 5.9cm wide. Its area upto significant figure will be: 26.55cm2 A worldwide system of measurements in which the units of base quantities were introduced is called: International system of units All accurately known digits and first doubtful digit in an expression are known as: significant figures If zero line of Vernier scale coincides with zero of main sale, then zero error is: zero Zero error of the instrument is: systematic error Length, mass, electric current, time, intensity of light and amount of substance are examples of: base quantities Physics is the branch of science which observes the nature represents it mathematically and conclude with the: experiment Physicists are categorized into: three categories The branch of physics that mainly concerned with the laws of motion and gravitation is called: mechanics This branch of physics deals with heat and temperature and their relation to energy and work. thermodynamics It is the study of properties of charges in rest and motion. Electricity It deals with the constituents, structure, behavior and interaction of atomic nuclei. Nuclear physics It studies the elementary constituents of matter and radiation, and the interaction between them. Particle physics The study of celestial objects with the help of laws of physics is known as: astro physics

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